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Bring on Wedding Season 2024 with some big news!

Seasons Greetings from all of us here at Olive & Thistle Films!  To kick off, here's a wee reel from our past year to check out:

2023 has been another fantastic year of wonderful weddings - we’ve been all over the country, the UK and the world once again, and are looking forward to having a bit of a break before it all kicks off again in 2024. We’ve had some of the best wedding experiences as the videographer for your special day, and we’re looking forward to exploring new venues and meeting new couples from all over Scotland and beyond!

We’re posting here because we’ve got some big news to share with you, and we figured it best to do so before the new year kicks off and weddings get back into full swing.

Here at Olive & Thistle, every year we look back on the films we’ve had the privilege of creating and are always thinking about how to improve our services for our couples moving forward. From updating our equipment to streamlining our edit process, we always strive to elevate what we are able to offer our valued clients.

The first thing we’re pleased to announce is we’re going to be adding in an additional film for every couple booked in with us for 2024 and onwards, as well of course for all new bookings. With the explosion in social media use like Tik Tok and Instagram it just makes sense to start to produce content that’s properly formatted for the medium. With that in mind we’re going to be offering a new 60 second “Social Teaser”, a cinematic film edited vertically for you to share on social media that accommodates that aspect ratio, a film that features various highlights of your entire day. It’s basically just a quick wee highlights reel you can use as you wish across any platform.  This brand new film is something we’re adding to our existing package at no additional cost.

We’ve also just recently finished setting up our new in-house editing studio here, and we’re very pleased to offer an even more streamlined post production process.  We’re still continuing to keep everything we do in-house, but the efficiency in which we edit is now dramatically improved, which will result in quicker turnarounds for your final films. 

In fact, one of the biggest requests we’ve received in the past from you is how you could get your films quicker?  Our typical turnaround time for all films is 12-16 weeks, but what if you could get them significantly quicker? Without sacrificing the high standard of quality you expect from us? We’re not yet ready to reveal all the details, but we will be contacting our couples in the next week or so with all the details about this service, so if you’re booked in with us be sure to keep an eye on your inbox!  And if you’re not? Email us to find out all the details.

That’s all for now from us here at Olive & Thistle, we hope you have a fantastic Christmas and happy new year, speak soon!

Gary & Amanda


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