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2022 Already?!

Greetings once more from the team here at Olive & Thistle as we begin what we know will be another fantastic year for weddings! This is just a quick update for our couples currently booked in, as well as any considering booking us for your big day. I know, we really should blog more, but it’s taken a backseat to the massive amount of work we’ve completed (and are still working on!) from 2021.

Last year we filmed more weddings than we had ever filmed before, with the majority taking place between July and October, once restrictions had been fully lifted. In fact, 80% of our weddings took place between these 4 months! This was a massive undertaking for us, but thankfully due to our updated post-production processes, we were able to meet our deadlines for film delivery to every one of our couples that got married during those four months, and while we still have a few weddings from November and December to deliver, we’re on track to completing those shortly (and within our expected time-frame!) to have a fresh start to the year as the new wedding season kicks back in.

Now, while last year was our biggest year to date, this year will actually be slightly BIGGER - solely due to the remaining postponements as a result of the pandemic. The good news is that all of our weddings are spread out throughout the year, giving us a bit of breathing room with your films in edit while still adhering to our expected delivery timeline.

So what’s ahead for 2022 from Olive & Thistle? Of course we’re back all over mainland Scotland, from down to the borders and up to the furthest reaches of the Highlands. This year though, we also have the chance to be a part of destination wedding adventures on Islay, over in Italy, Greece, Ireland, Barcelona, Florida and even Barbados! (Did we mention we love to travel?) But no matter where we end up for your day, we know it’s going to be a fantastic and memorable one!

For 2022, we’re sticking with our current expected delivery time of 16-20 weeks after your wedding date, but the majority of weddings (especially in the first half of the year) will be delivered sooner than that. We’re also keeping all of our edits in-house, with myself and Amanda personally creating your films! Our team is also remaining the same - we have 8 shooters that have been with us since the start of the company, and we’ll let you know whose filming your day with an email 3 months prior to your wedding date. They’re an awesome team that really knocked it out of the park in 2021 and are keen to get back out there after a blustery winter!

The whole team here at Olive & Thistle are looking forward to seeing you all and being a part of your day, so on behalf of myself, Amanda and our entire team, we’d like to thank you for supporting us and choosing us to be a part of your adventure - we look forward to being there and for making 2022 our biggest year yet!

P.S. - OH and also here’s a picture of the newest member of the Olive & Thistle Team, our new dog Waffles:


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