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Alicia & Scott - A Lapland Elopement Film

It’s been a while since we’ve posted a lovely new blog post, but we have a good reason! 2022 has been our busiest year yet, and it’s simply due to all the postponements of the last 2 years coming together throughout the past 7 months, which saw about 35% more weddings filmed than what we would normally take on. Don’t worry though, we’re more than equipped to handle it, but being so busy shooting and editing your films means that other things have fallen by the wayside a bit - social media posts, updating the website, buying snappy new ties, and of course, blog posts. But of course we couldn’t let this particular adventure pass by without telling you all about it, and to start we go all the way back to what seems like 10 years ago, but was really just 2019.

2019! A lovely year for many reasons! Not the least of which it’s when we met Alicia and Scott, two of the absolute loveliest of people that came to us with a vision: to create a film that spanned hundreds of miles and climates, following them from Aberdeenshire all the way to the ARCTIC CIRCLE to document their elopement in an Ice Hotel located just outside of Santa's Village itself - the town of Rovaniemi.

Destination weddings are our absolute pleasure to be a part of, so how could we even consider saying no to such a grand request? We couldn’t. So in January of 2020, about 2 months before the world went sideways, we joined Alicia and Scott in Lapland in what ended up being minus 26 degree weather for an adventure so snow-filled, so remote and so much fun that it’s finally time to show the world what we came up with.

It took two years for us to finally be able to show this film to them (at their request, they wanted to wait!), and it premiered this past summer at a movie theatre for all of their wedding guests. Tears were shed, laughs were had, and the popcorn was flowing!

It’s a film that’s longer than our usual highlights films, but for good reason though, as you’ll see below! Whatever destination you choose to get married in, whether it’s down the road at Cottiers or across the globe in Indonesia, we’ll always be happy to travel to document and be a part of your adventure. Enjoy!


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