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Welcome to 2020!

Welcome to 2020! We’re just wrapping up the final touches on our films from 2019, and as I sit to write this I really do wonder where the year has gone. It was a whirlwind year for all of us here at Olive & Thistle, with a record number of weddings, corporate work and personal adventures that took us all across Scotland, the UK, Europe, and North America. Frankly, I can’t even imagine a bigger adventure than where 2019 took us…but wait I’m wrong because 2020 looks to be even BIGGER.

How big? Well, we’ve never really had to say this before, but we have to declare our bookings are now closed for the months of April-October for this year! That’s right, no new bookings because we simply don’t have the time for it! We strive to ensure the highest quality of films, and we just wouldn’t be able to finish all your films to the standard you expect from us in a reasonable amount of time if we took on any more weddings during these months.

So where is this busy 2020 taking us? Well for starters, in just a couple of weeks we will have the pleasure of travelling to Lapland, Finland for an awesome elopement, so stay tuned to the gram for some sweet pics (*my niece said it was OK to write that!) That’s right, in the heart of the land of Santa Claus, we’ll be spending a few days basking in the land of Christmas fun!

<------- It sort of looks like this

From that point on, we are off and running. We’re talking spring time weddings in Skye, weddings in various parts of England, followed by a summer filled to the brim with European destinations (Amsterdam, Lisbon, Faro, Barcelona, just to mention a few!), and a fall wedding in Ireland to top it all off! Not to mention yet again travelling all over Scotland, with weddings from Dumfries all the way up to Orkney, all along the east coast and even an intimate affair on the Isle of Islay. We love to travel for weddings, and whether it’s up the road to Maryhill or across the waters to Morocco, we’ll be there! (Seriously though, Maryhill has this great new venue called The Engine Works that we’re very excited to be filming at this year!)

One other important thing - the team here at Olive & Thistle are a relatively small, tight knit group of filmmakers that have all been with the company since the start. We are fully confident that if one of them needed to step in to lead the filming on your special day, they could. All of them have plenty of experience both with us and in their own endeavours, and so for 2020, we’re giving some of them the chance to take the lead on some of our weddings with Olive & Thistle. We’ve tested this throughout last year with great success, so we’ll be continuing it throughout the new year, particularly during peak season. What does this mean for you? Well, you can rest assured that we will never send you a filmmaker we’re not 100% confident in. Beyond that, no matter who films your wedding, it ALWAYS comes through us here at the Olive & Thistle headquarters for post production, we never farm out our editing, music selection, or any other post production process in order to ensure you recieve not only the highest quality product, but one you’ve come to expect of our style - a fantastic set of films you’ll cherish for years to come. Of course, if you have any concerns at all, feel free to reach out to us for a chat!

Personal goals for the year ahead:

- Buy more comfy shoes - CHECK

- Have personalized refillable water bottle so I don’t lose it all the time - CHECK

- Change up my tie colour - CHECK

- Pack more batteries - CHECK

- Do more stretches while editing - WILL DO!

We look forward to being a part of your adventure this year and beyond - here’s to a fantastic 2020!

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