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Looking back on a fantastic 2018 and ahead to an incredible 2019!

What a year!! So we’ve just finished editing our last film of the season, and as I hit the render key and deliver the last film of the year, I’m starting to realize I have very little time to rest, because it’s time to get ready for the new season in just a couple weeks!! So before then, it’s time to recharge the batteries, plot out the travel plan, and look back at what we’ve accomplished in 2018 and ahead at what we have planned for Olive & Thistle this new wedding season!

In 2018, we have had the pleasure of filming weddings in all parts of Scotland (yes, we do love to travel, and it costs you nothing if it’s within 100 miles of Glasgow!) - we’ve been down to the Borders, over to Ayrshire, across to St. Andrews, up to Aberdeen, all the way up to Inverness and of course everywhere in between! We also had the chance to film down in the Cotswolds and even over on the Isle of Arran! We’ve filmed at Regal Castles, Fabulous Hotels, Decadent Manor Homes, Gorgeous Farmland venues, Sprawling Estates, and even a Lost Orangery! It’s been an absolute whirlwind ride of a year, and we’re just getting started.

Not content to rest on our laurels, we’re going even further afield in 2019! Before we do though, we needed to upgrade the kit, so we’ve got some all-new fresh out of the box camera equipment we’re really looking forward to playing with, as well as some new ideas in regards to the content and updates we offer on our social media platforms. So whether you’re booked in with us or just thinking about it, be sure to follow us on Facebook & Instagram to keep track of not just where we’ll end up this year, but also for all the latest Teaser and Highlights Films!

So - where exactly will 2019 take us?? Well, everywhere from Orkney over to Northern Ireland, back down to England and even a wedding on a Sunny Greek Island! (with even further-afield destination weddings in 2020 - stay tuned for those announcements!) But of course we’re all over Scotland again this year, with weddings down in Dumfries (SOUTH COAST!), up to Beauly (BEAULY-TIFUL!) and even an elopement wedding on the Isle of Skye coming in April (MAGICAL!)

From Glasgow to Edinburgh, the Scottish Borders to Orkney, we really are covering ALL of Scotland in 2019!

With all of these weddings all over the place, you may be asking yourself, how can they even!? Valid question! Well, when we started Olive & Thistle, we knew we wanted to take it big while maintaining a size suitable enough to be able to offer personalized customer service to each of our couples, which is why we have implemented a cap on our bookings for peak season. This means that during the busy summer months we won’t be over-extending ourselves - and that we’re able to deliver your films within a reasonable time, but also that you’ll always know who’s showing up to film your wedding, as well as who’ll be editing your films! (HINT: It’s us!)

Be sure to stay tuned to this blog as we update it with our adventures around the world. We’ve met some of the loveliest couples (and their families!) in 2018 and all of those involved have been extremely welcoming towards us - they’ve invited us into their homes, their lives and their stories with true kindness, and it has been our privilege to be a part of your wedding! We’d like to thank all of our couples, our new photographer friends and of course our talented team of filmmakers, without all of you, Olive & Thistle wouldn’t be the success it is. Destination: 2019!

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