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Up Up and Away!

Up in the sky! it’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s Olive and Thistle’s Mavic Pro Drone filming your wedding or corporate event in full 4K! While not as catchy as just saying it’s Superman, our brand new drone is almost as powerful and twice as cool.

Drone use in film-making has skyrocketed in recent years due to both the exponential advancement in the technology as well as the dropping prices across the board. With access to this new technology falling within the reach of many more budding pilots, our clients all but expect a drone to be a part of their filming day. All of our weddings include our drone in the package price, but it’s also available for our corporate clients depending on their requirements.

Olive and Thistle Productions is fully insured and PfCO licensed to fly, with public liability insurance of £1m. Simply put, we take responsibility if we crash our drone into a building, and are fully covered in such an (unlikely) event. Due to the influx of drones out there in the skies, the government is still scrambling to figure out how to regulate the things, but here’s how the law currently stands:

No flying within 50m of people or properties - (easy!)

No flying within 150m of crowds of 1000 or more - (not a problem!)

No flying higher than 400 feet - (why would you need to?)

Always keep your drone within eye sight - (we love our drone and wouldn’t want to lose sight of it anyway!)

These are important rules to ensure the safety of both person and property, and here at Olive & Thistle we will always abide by these. Additionally, we cannot fly in inclement weather or in high winds, and will inform you of this on the day of filming if we believe it to be too dangerous to get one up there. BUT, that being said…

We know what you might be thinking: it’s Scotland! We are almost defined by our inclement weather! Well, it’s because of this that we use a Mavic Pro Drone. Scotland may have unpredictable weather, but that’s just what it is, unpredictable! One moment could be a torrential downpour and the next beaming sunshine, and the great thing about the Mavic Pro is it’s ease of use and how quickly it is to get set up and off the ground. We timed it - it takes about 60 seconds for us to prep for full flight, from unboxing to lift-off. So even if the clouds are dark when we leave for the day, we have our drone with us and ready to go at a moments notice once they clear up.

So what does a drone do for your wedding or corporate film? Words can’t really describe it, so how about we show you? Check it out, our recent drone test below:

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