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Why do you need a wedding film?

Here at Olive & Thistle, we get this question fairly often, not just from prospective clients but from our families, friends, strangers that we run into on the street and so forth. It’s a tough question to answer in the time it takes for the stoplight to change, so let’s see if we can break down all that goes into a film of your big day and all that you can get out of it.

Do you make wedding videos or wedding films? What’s the difference?

A wedding video is when your uncle Stuart sets up the camcorder at the back of the reception hall during the speeches, then picks it up and puts it in the faces of your guests asking them to smile and say hi to the happy couple. A wedding film is what we do - a final product that emphasizes the cinematography of the film itself, one that prioritises quality over quantity and is more like a short film than a straight recording. (Sorry Stuart!)

Wedding cinematographers shoot more like photographers, running around to get shots from different angles, and trying to get the best action of your day. If we do our job well, you won’t really even notice us! Here at Olive & Thistle, we never ask for people to smile for the camera. We’re there hidden in the background, with our zoom lens waiting for that natural laughter, that smile, that kiss, documenting the day rather than directing it.

If we have already booked a photographer, do we need a videographer too?

Nearly every wedding has a photographer these days, and they’re great for what they are, moments captured in time. What we do is capture events and action, from the first application of blush to the moves on the dance floor, and put it together in a short film you can share across social media and beyond. Both photography and videography have their place in documenting your big day, and if your budget is tight then it’s up to you what you prioritize when it comes to preserving your memories.

And speaking of photographers, in case you were wondering, we get along with them just fine, and go out of our way to work with them and not against what they’re trying to accomplish. We’re all there with the same job, to document your day, and in the end it only makes sense to all work together as a team.

How do I pick a company to film my wedding?

No matter what, always meet with any company you’re interested in, face-to-face or over Skype. It’s not just about how well someone films or edits a wedding, it’s also about personality, how you get along with them, and how helpful or knowledgeable someone is.

Speak to them and get a feel for them, how well you get along and such. You will be spending your wedding day with them and if you don’t like them, or you get a bad vibe, look elsewhere! Never compromise on a feeling.

Top tips to get the most out of your wedding film!

1. Ignore the video cameras at all time (it’s OK, we’re used to it, and prefer it as it makes for a better film!)

2. With rule 1, this one should come naturally - which is of course to just be yourself. Be as natural as possible and don’t worry about how you will look.

3. Now completely ignoring rule 1, have fun with your cameraperson, they will get better results for you if you are both happy and them too.

4. Read the contract! Find out how long your videographer(s) are going to be there for the day, what their requirements are for food and drink (12 hour + days are a good workout for us!) and what the expected turnaround time of your films are. In the UK, it’s typical for films to be delivered in 2-3 months.

While you're here, why not check out our wedding reel and get a feel for what we do!

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